Experience Shiloh Baptist Church

Shiloh Baptist Church has been around for a one hundred and five years and over that time it has developed a rich history, passionate congregation, and great reputation within the community.

Pastor’s Insight

Pastor’s Bio

Recipient of several awards and recognitions for his service and leadership ability, Anthony G. Harris has assisted and participated in numerous religious, civic and community-based programs within the Western New York area. In spite of his academic achievements, professional accomplishments and involvements, he is unconditionally proud of his lasting relationship with his loving and supportive wife, the Reverend Richelle L. Massey-Harris. Additionally, he is the father of three adult children. For over a decade, Reverend Harris served as pastor of the Free Spirit Missionary Baptist Church in the City of Buffalo where he was attentively involved in every aspect of the church’s ministry. In December of 2011, Reverend Harris was voted Senior Pastor-elect of Shiloh Baptist Church in Erie, Pennsylvania.
As Pastor, he has established the Mission, Vision and Theme for Shiloh Baptist Church. Shiloh now has an official Church logo. Ministries have been restructured, like New Members, Men’s Ministry, Christian Education, Junior Church, and Bible Study. There has also been new ministries added, which are Outreach, Membership Retention Team, Leadership Training, Revivals, a newly ordained deacon, and a One-Day Women’s Conference. Reverend Harris is prepared to further minister to the spiritual, emotional, physical and financial needs of the church and its community as deemed by the purposeful mandate of God.

Pastor’s Vision

This is the Vision God has given to me for His Church. As the God appointed Under Shepard, confirmed by His Holy Spirit and the congregation of the Shiloh Baptist Church, we will work together to identify the current purpose God is calling for from the Shiloh Baptist Church through faith.  This will allow us to be relevant and effective as we serve in the 21st century ministry, with a continued focus to build God’s Kingdom and, upon the strong historic Christian legacy of Shiloh.
I envision the Church having two dominant or prevailing purposes, which constitutes its identity.  Gathering the body for the purpose of ministering to it, and scattering the body for the purpose of ministering to the world. It is important to distinguish these two purposes. On the one hand, the church gathers as a body of believers wherein believers minister to one another; on the other hand, the church is to minister the gospel to unbelievers in the world. These two purposes must be kept distinct: the church ministers to both believers and unbelievers. There are a number of functions in each of these two major areas.  We as a body will endeavor to fulfill who “The Spirit” desires for us to become.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

– Matthew 6:33

Member’s Connection

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In the Holy Bible we find these words; In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, (Genesis 1:1) records these words to remind us that everything has a beginning.
Some 103 years ago Shiloh Baptist Church recorded her beginning. We honor those who have written the pages of Shiloh’s history and also who are helping to shape its future. For years we have stood through the storms and the rain, held on through trials and tribulations, being confident of this very thing, that He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.