Reverend Anthony G. Harris

Reverend Anthony G. Harris, A native of Buffalo, New York, the Reverend Anthony G. Harris is a graduate of Northeastern Theological Seminary at Roberts Wesleyan College located in Rochester, New York where he earned a Master of Divinity degree.  He is a graduate of Buffalo State College in Buffalo, New York—having majored in Business and minored in Religion—receiving a Bachelor of Science degree.  Admittedly a lifelong learner and goal-oriented visionary, Reverend Harris is enthusiastic about working on His D. Min. at Northeastern Theological Seminary. In the near further he is anticipating pursuing a (Doctor of Philosophy).  From his own personal life journey, he has realized the magnitude of education and the impact that a lack of education has on the people of God.  Hence, one of his many objectives in life is to inspire others to embrace learning, as well as academic and spiritual growth, regardless of circumstances—no excuses.  As an adult learner, he readily acknowledges that the road he has traveled was not easy, but—for him—it has been a journey that has led him to divine fulfillment and satisfaction.

Interestingly, it was as a youth that Anthony G. Harris desired a more intimate relationship with God as he was called to be a messenger of God’s Word.  This was the beginning of his spiritual pilgrimage.  At that time, becoming (spiritually) awakened, he independently purchased his first bible and began to build his own spiritual foundation based on one of his favorite scriptures, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”  -Matthew6: 33 (KJV)-

For over a decade, Reverend Harris served as pastor of Free Spirit Missionary Baptist Church in the City of Buffalo where he was attentively involved in every aspect of the church’s ministry.  Upon moving to Erie, Pennsylvania Reverend Harris resign from serving as 1st Vice President of Great Lakes Baptist Congress of Christian Education encompassing the Buffalo area and its surrounding vicinity.  He is Co-Founder of Amazing Grace Ministries—a ministry conceived on the premises of establishing and enhancing the spiritual awareness of others, wherever they may be, for the purpose of building God’s kingdom.  With humility, it is through this enterprise and responsibility that many acknowledge him as “pastor”.

Recipient of several awards and recognitions for his service and leadership ability, Anthony G. Harris has assisted and participated in numerous religious, civic and community-based programs within the Western New York area.
In spite of his academic achievements, professional accomplishments and involvements, he is unconditionally proud of his lasting relationship with his loving and supportive wife, Reverend Richelle L. Massey-Harris.  Additionally, he is the father of three adult children.

In December of 2011, Reverend Anthony G. Harris was voted Senior Pastor-elect of Shiloh Baptist Church in Erie, Pennsylvania.  With the guidance and direction of the Lord and his genuine love for the people of God, Reverend Harris is prepared to further minister to the spiritual, emotional, physical and financial needs of the church and its community—engaging in ministry, mission and outreach as deemed by the purposeful mandate of God.

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